YouTube SEO Services Strategy: Embed Codes For Link Building With Videos

There are a lot of different opinions on where you should host your videos – Whether you should host them on YouTube or on your own site. Largely what you should do depends on your goals – if your goal is to improve organic search results, you should host it on your site. YouTube has the potential to reach more people since there is a huge audience but most people won’t come to your site. Additionally, you’ll have to do SEO for your YouTube video to increase your video’s viewership.

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If you decide to go the YouTube SEO services route, there is a simple tactic you can use to use YouTube to help your site’s SEO. Below are 4 simple steps to help you create a sustainable link building program with your YouTube videos.

1. After you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube, the first step is to write a post about it on your site.

2. Then go to YouTube and grab the embed code and include the video in your post.

3. Then put an embed code below the video. Below is an example of a good embed code – this template lets you link to your site twice – once to the post and once to the homepage.

Below is how the video + embed code show up:

Really Important for WordPress Users!

Once you’ve entered your embed code, immediately hit publish. Do not view the post in the ‘Visual’ editor mode. This will strip the <p>, <textarea>, and <br/> tags from your code causing the video to appear twice and without an embed code.

4. Ok, now that the post and video are up on your site, you need to try to promote your video and embed code.   This is pretty standard – outreach & guest posting (use your video & embed code in the guest posts if possible!).

If you make a product, send the video to your distributors to put on their site.  You want them to do something for you. This happens most often when you make their life easier somehow.  Don’t just send them the video, send them a nice write up they can use as a blog post, including the video, embed code, and a link back to your site if possible.

This isn’t going to win the internet for you but it is simple and sustainable – Everyone who publishes video content should be doing this.