19 WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugins That Will Boost Your Revenue

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When it comes to affiliate marketing, everyone wants to generate more sales and commissions. And it is only possible if you know how to convert your visitors.

There are many WordPress plugins used for affiliate marketing. These plugins help in optimizing your site properly so that you generate more commissions.

In this article, I will share with you 19 affiliate marketing plugins you should use on your WordPress site.

    Provide an affiliate system for sellers and shops with the Affiliates plugin for WordPress. It integrates with many e-commerce plugins.

It provides real time statistics of your referrals. You can get as many affiliates as you want in this plugin. An affiliate can sign up easily with or without an account.

This plugin is for those who want to add an affiliate marketing system on their website or e-commerce store.

    Just like the Affiliates plugin, Affiliates Manager also lets you manage your affiliate marketing program. It seamlessly integrates with the top e-commerce platforms, provides real-time reports, lets you set payout rates and manage adjustments.

You can track unlimited number of affiliates with this plugin. It also offers you the feature to create unlimited banner ads and text links.

So, if you run an e-commerce store, this plugin will help you manage your affiliate program for free.

    Display Amazon links with the help of this plugin. The links are tagged with your Amazon Associate ID. All you need to do is to pick the category and this plugin will show good products coming out today.

You can filter unwanted products, design your own layout of products, design custom buttons and much more. Watch this video to understand how this plugin works.

    Create your own store with this plugin. You can display Amazon products without worrying about duplicate content.

It also shows you statistics of your products. One really cool feature about this plugin is the On Site Cart feature that lets customer to add multiple products and checkout which will double up your commissions.

The plugin is SEO optimized so you need not worry about the headlines, title tags and description. With their bulk import option, you can import multiple products at a time and save time.

It really helps in boosting your Amazon conversions without causing any problems.

    Quickly add Amazon links to your posts and pages with Amazon Link plugin. It lets you add text links, thumbnail links, images and even Amazon flash widgets.

Moreover, these links can be localized based on the nationality of the site visitor. The plugin is easy to set up.

    Want to display Amazon products on your post? Start using Amazon Product in a Post plugin to add products to any page or post. This plugin is similar to Amazon Link.

You can add your own review of the product. It allows you to add unlimited number of products on a page or post. The product can be added at top, bottom or inside the content.

    An alternative to the previous two plugins, AmazonSimpleAdmin lets you integrate Amazon products on your website in different styles.

You can design your own product template and add them using shortcodes. The plugin doesn’t slow down your website.

The premium version of this plugin offers customizable templates, email notifications, bestseller lists and much more.

    Great plugin for affiliate marketers who review products and want to display rich snippets. It displays a review box which consists of the product name, type, reviewer name, price, star rating and finally a short review.

This plugin is great not only for affiliate marketers but also for those who review products on their website.

  1. Pretty Links
    Shorten your ugly looking affiliate links with Pretty Links. It lets you create links within the post editor so you don’t have to waste your time.

Apart from shortening links, it also helps in adding links to your content. You can replace any keyword with a pretty Link.

It also lets you control no follow attribute, helps in setting up redirects and also lets you send users to different destination URL’s based on their location.

You can track your links and find out the impressions, clicks and CTR.

A free version of this plugin is also available but it does not provide many features we discussed.

    Easily cloak your links, assign categories and track them with Easy Affiliate Links plugin. Similar to Better Links Pro, it’s a free alternative you can use to manage all your affiliate links.

    Take control of your affiliate links with EasyAzon plugin. Set links to open in a new window, add a no-follow attribute, display product popup, cloak affiliate links and localize affiliate links based on nationality.

All you can do with the help of this plugin. This plugin is used by almost all affiliate marketers because it helps in boosting your commissions.

The free version of this plugin has limited features and that’s why I recommend you to buy the pro version which is worth the money.

    PG Simple Affiliate Shop will help you create a store for your affiliate products. It lets you add simple reviews and product banners that will help you generate more commissions.

You can add testimonials, images, descriptions of the products you are promoting. You can drag and drop products in any order and also categorize them.

With the help of Yoast SEO plugin, you can improve the search visibility of the products you are promoting on your shop.

    Shorten your affiliate links with Pretty Link Lite. This free WordPress plugin lets you create short links using your own domain name.

You can track hit to your links and find out where they came from. You can set redirects, no-follow your links and do much more with this plugin.

It lets you download the hit details of your links in CSV format. Also you can exclude stats from some specific addresses. The pro version of this plugin is also available that provides more features.

    This plugin by one of my blogger friends Jitendra Vaswani will change the way you promote affiliate products.

This plugin lets you create eye-catching product reviews for your website. It will help you increase your search engine traffic and boost your CTR by implement rich snippets.

The best feature of this plugin is the sidebar recommendation widget that lets you show products on your sidebar.

Moreover, you can create recommendations at the end of your post to generate more sales. The plugin is very affordable and will surely help you boost your affiliate revenue.

    Monetize the product links in your website by turning them into affiliate links. Register at the Skimlinks and you can earn more commission.

Once you register you will get access to so many affiliate programs without signing up for each one individually.

So you don’t need to worry about so many affiliate programs. You can manage everything at one place with SkimLinks.

    ThristyAffiliates is another affiliate management and link cloaking plugin for WordPress. It helps you create, add and manage all your affiliate links hassle-free.

Inserting affiliate links in your posts and pages is also very easy with this plugin without even leaving the post editor screen.

It offers do-follow and no-follow options for links. It also provides the option to open links in a new window.

With the pro version of this plugin, you get stats of your links, geo target your visitors and also automatically create affiliate links on your website.

    This is a referral plugin for WordPress with PayPal MassPay. You will get real time reporting, email notifications, statistics, unlimited referrals and affiliates and built-in shortcodes.

With this plugin, you can easily add an affiliate marketing management system to your website. But if you’re looking for a free alternative, then Affiliates Manager is a good plugin for you.

    Specify the keywords and this plugin will automatically display affiliate links in your content for that keyword.

You can display links from Amazon, Clickbank, Shareasale, Ebay, Commission Junction and other networks.

You will also have options to add a no-follow attribute to your affiliate links. A great feature of this plugin is that it lets you specify the number links displayed per article.

    A free alternative to SchemaNinja, this plugin will help you create reviews. The plugin supports Google Rich Snippets so it will help you boost your CTR.

You can choose a star, percentage or a point rating for your reviews. It also includes a tabbed widget you can add to display recent reviews.

There are unlimited color options so you can design the review box the way you want. Here is a quick introduction video of this plugin.

If you want a free review plugin, then this is a great option for you. And if you’re considering spending some money then go for SchemaNinja.

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