What Makes Them Click? An Introduction to A/B Testing

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So you’ve got eyes on your website, but how do you engage them? How do you get them to donate, register for that conference, or sign up for that newsletter?

This is why A/B testing exists.

What is it?

A/B testing is a way to see whether your current design (A) produces the best conversion, or click-through, rate of your content by testing it against a slight change in design (B) before you actually make those changes.

Why is it important?

Your business doesn’t merely exist to sit pretty, right? A/B testing allows you to make the most out of your visitors by bringing their preferences about your product and services to light.

How do you do it?

There are a few A/B testing resources below through which you would typically create one variation of your site, set the goals or conversion rates you want to achieve, and generate a code to enter into your website for tracking. During testing, some visitors would encounter the original design (A) while others would encounter the variation (B).

What can you test?

Because your fan base isn’t limited to websites, your A/B testing doesn’t have to be either. You can do A/B testing for your mobile site and email newsletters as well. Furthermore, the tone of writing, the color of buttons, and the position of images and forms are some of the many things you can test.

SkilledUp, for example, ran an A/B test to better understand how our audience responds to subject lines. We found that they would most likely respond to a “descriptive” subject line versus a “benefit” subject line.

A/B Testing Results

Tools for Testing
Here are some of the resources available to A/B test Website, email or mobile content.

For Web:


Visual Website Optimizer