Type Of Affiliate Posts That Make Sales

affiliate posts with bullhorn

Being an affiliate marketer, I used to try writing various type of affiliate posts and see what works the best.

Today, I am going to share some of the best posts that you can write to drive the most conversions.

Coupon Posts

Coupon posts worked the best for me. It’s not necessary that you need a coupon for that. Suppose that HostGator has a default discount of 50% for all user. But you can rank your post for Hostgator coupon and send the user from your link to the default discount page. Obviously, don’t try this with Hostgator as it’s very difficult to rank.

Alternatives posts

I used to drive a good revenue through these posts. I looked for the drawbacks for the best products in my niche and I look for the similar products which doesn’t have those drawbacks. Suppose XYZ has some kind of drawback and people are not willing to buy that product due to that product so, I looked for similar product having the similar features but not those drawbacks and write a post targeting ‘Best XYZ altnernatives’ keywords and that really worked for me. But you really need to research the keywords before writing the post.

List post

Lists posts are not easy to rank nowadays, but if you go for less competitive keywords for the post promoting products with high commissions, you can drive a good revenue from it. I promoted a lot of WordPress themes and plugins through list posts which drove me a good revenue.

And to be successful in Affiliate Marketing, you need to learn scarcity marketing.

So, these were the 3 best affiliate posts which worked for me. What kind of affiliate posts are working for you?