Truck Driver Marketing

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A truck driver generally drives big rigs and has a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Driving jobs can include regional driving, over the road driving, local driving and delivery driving.

The type of job for a truck driver that is most used is the over the road job. Over the road means that a driver might be on the road for a couple of weeks and then at home for one or two days and then back on the road again. Sometimes, they will only be on the road for one week and, at other times, he or she might be on the road for a three week trip. The amount of time that is spent driving depends on the company and type of cargo.

In the truck driving industry, a truck driver might drive a flat bed truck, a van, a tractor-trailer, a tanker and other various vehicles that require a CDL to operate. To earn the CDL, a truck driver must take and pass a training course to receive certification. They also must have a clean driving record. A truck driver who drives a tanker or other trucks that carry hazardous materials must take a special exam and special training. There are special certifications for HAZMAT hauling. There are several schools nationwide that offer all types of training. The cost for most courses is around $4,000.

A truck driver can make anywhere from $500 to $1,500 per week. It depends on what type of driving the job entails, what company he or she works for and where the company is located. Some truck drivers are owner-operators, which means they own their own truck and have their own contracts. They may have other drivers handle trucks they own, as well. Some owner-operators subcontract for other truck companies, while others contract directly with manufacturers or warehouses.

Trucker Marketing Tactics

Marketing for a truck driver can be done in a few ways. The traditional methods have always been to run ads in local newspapers or to run ads in the telephone book. If a driver is out of work or new to this career, they will not have much money for marketing or have much time to wait for that job to arrive. Another method of marketing has been to put up a postcard at a truck stop or simply hang out there with a rig in hopes that someone needed hauling help. A fast and inexpensive way to find work now is to try Internet marketing. Also online advertising has taken a front seat for many companies and entrepreneurs, especially those who are looking for work.

A truck driver is going to perform this work nearly every day, so he or she should use marketing techniques to find the best job possible, and not simply take the first job that comes along. There are many opportunities all over the Internet for truck driving jobs. Using forums or websites geared toward owner-operators may be helpful.