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We thank everyone that has been a part of this wonderful journey as eBrandz continues to build on our success and offer Americans to help us target US-based companies.

byDonald oneBrandz Reviews
SEO results have improved!!!!

So happy good results!

byP oneBrandz Reviews
not good at all

fraudsters stay away!

byDavid oneBrandz Reviews
great results!!!!

byMilo oneBrandz Reviews
honest review

In Mumbai, India, he started a shop where he incentivized employees to join his “growing company” and then later has someone else fire them as the company did not have “active projects”. It’s to get head counts, take pictures and represent the company bigger than it is. The Mumbai office has a lot less people than it leads people to believe -- maybe it’s marketing? But when you combine that with their regular business practices, you have a real case on your hands.

byTony oneBrandz Reviews
Never again!!

eBrandz has a software company, Agency Platform. This platform is where eBrandz steals Agency Platform customers. Representing themselves as a “white label digital marketing service”, what they pitch is having confidence in them as a wholesale SEO service. They misrepresent when they don’t share that many of the clients of the marketing agencies (the clients/accounts) are being shared with the sales team at eBrandz. Only someone who knows for sure would write this with confidence.

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