How to Determine if Your Business Website is Ready for A/B Testing

Plan A Plan B Plan C Ready for A/B Testing

Putting together an effective website can be quite an undertaking. And, tweaking that website to be its most optimal can take up plenty of time, effort and sometimes money. When you’re wanting to see how effective different features are on your website, you’ll want to use A/B testing to narrow down and maximize your website’s optimal features to ensure you’re maximizing conversions and getting the most out of each visitor to your site.

But, before you start investing that time, effort or money into split testing your website, first figure out if it’s even at the stage where testing would be of any benefit. Keep in mind that testing too early could yield false results, which could steer you in the completely wrong direction when making changes to your website.

Ensure that you’ve got these things covered before you start venturing into A/B testing.

Make sure the Traffic is coming in

If there’s not much traffic coming through to your site, there isn’t really much use for A/B testing at all. First and foremost, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve got the visitors to get any sort of accurate A/B testing results.

One of the most effective ways to boost traffic flow to your website is by using the perfect keywords. With Google Trends, you can easily observe how search queries change, in order to determine which ones are best.

If you’re curious about how the actual search engines are looking at your website, our SEO Service Reviews can give you a stripped down look at your website, so you can use the keyword search information to change things that need improvement. And, all you’ve got to do is enter in the URL to get this info, so no downloading, registering, or anything else.

How your site is seen by search engines will determine its ranking, so check out where exactly your website lands in the rankings with Rank Checker. When you know where you rank, you’ll get a better picture of what could be improved to boost your rankings which, in turn, will help boost the traffic landing on your site.

Ensure you’ve got enough ‘test-able’ content

You may be looking to complete some A/B testing, but the content in your website may not necessitate this type of testing. If your site is a little light in the content, or doesn’t have many conversion points, doing A/B testing may be ineffective. By focusing on getting the content beefed up, you’ll have more to draw from with your testing, get more accurate results and be able to make more effective changes.

Start building up your content with the help of Ebrandz Dashboard, which lets you create a website that’s accessible across a range of devices. That means it’ll be more easily accessed by your visitors, no matter where they’re trying to view your website from.

If building your content through an HTML5 builder is more to your liking, SquareSpace can assist in you in creating a beautiful website in just minutes. Use the free trial to see if it’s the right tool for you, before venturing to the paid options.

For super eye-catching designs, create your website through Wix, where the HTML5-based website builder can help you boost up your site with content that’s beautifully presented. You’ll be able to try it out for free, with some limited features, but you’ll get a wide range of options with the paid service.

Provide interesting and original content

The simple fact is, you can’t just copy and paste content from your competitors and expect to see the same results. Different websites attract different audiences, that each need to be catered to in their own way. In most cases, using the exact same content just won’t fly with the audience it’s not targeted towards. And, trying to do A/B testing with this will just yield you bad results and be a waste of time.

The content you’re including on your website should be both interesting and original. It’s got to be directed right at the audience you’re aiming for, in order to be effective and get the conversions you want. First, to get your target audience interested, you’ve got to attract them with a great headline, and the headline analyzer at CoSchedule can help you write better, more appealing headlines.

Seek out some assistance in creating original and relevant content by using online writing services, like TextBroker. They’ve got a team of expert writers working for them, so your project will be paired up with someone who’s a professional in that exact field.

Once you’ve got your interesting and original content, you can get an idea of its level of readability by using the Hemingway App. Make sure your content is on par with the reading level of your target audience, so you can make the most out of it.

And, finally, tailor your overall design towards your audience with the help of Canva. Even if you’re not a professional designer, you’ll be able to create a beautiful website with stunning graphics and effects to dazzle your visitors.

Ensure it all works as it should

Now, before you start going through all of this A/B testing to try optimizing your website, you’ve got to make sure that it’s completely functional. If you’ve never done a full usability test, it’s an absolute must prior to thinking about doing any A/B split tests.

Your results won’t be accurate if your users are leaving your site because of usability issues. It’s unbelievable, but even just a one second delay in the load time of your site could reduce your conversion rate by up to 7%. Finding and fixing these usability problems can and should be done before any A/B testing, to make sure you’re getting the most accurate information for optimizing your website.

Before you start A/B testing, a good way of improving the overall usability of your site is by finding out what’s making visitors leave. A click tracking tool, like CrazyEgg, can give you the ability to map out this data and see details about each click on a page. But, like other click trackers, you won’t know what drove them to click on each item.

A/B testing is an effective way to optimize your website and increase the conversions of each visitor. But, before you go ahead and start testing, make sure that your site is ready to be tested, so you’ll get the most accurate results and be able to make the necessary changes to your website.