How to Make Money on Instagram with Content Locking

Today you’re going to learn how to make money on Instagram through the use of mobile content locking as a part of our series on social media marketing. Making money with the clever use of social networks isn’t something new, people have been doing it for years through MySpace, Facebook, Pinterest and countless other websites and apps where a large congregation of users gather.

Instagram’s been rapidly rising in popularity and has become the most active mobile social network over the past few years, this makes mobile content locking very profitable since most Instagram users are on a mobile device or tablet.

If you don’t know what content locking is, don’t worry! We’ll explain it below.

How to make money on Instagram – what do I need?

  • An Instagram page with at least 30,000 followers.
  • A content locker (you’ll learn how to create one below.)

How much money can I make?

It depends on the number of followers your page has and how active they are, so amounts can vary a lot between pages.

A page with 50,000 followers could make anywhere from $20 to $80 every day, you can only imagine how much a page with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers can make.

How to Make Money on Instagram – What is Content Locking?

Content Locking is a popular form of CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing. Perhaps you’ve seen it on Instagram before, where in order to access a specific web page, app or giveaway, you must download a free application or complete some kind of survey.

It’s called Cost Per Action marketing because every time someone downloads your free app or completes your survey, an advertiser will pay you money.

Mobile Content Locker Example

As you can see, this Instagram user has monetized his Shoutout giveaway using a mobile content locker. Now, in order to learn exactly how to make money on Instagram, you first have to learn how to create a content locker.

How to Make Money on Instagram – Joining a CPA Network

The first step in making money on Instagram is to create a mobile content locker, and to do that we have to apply to a mobile CPA network. There are many different networks you can join, but you must be careful as a lot of them have a bad reputation and some of them don’t even pay you.

There are a few great networks though and the best one by far to make money on Instagram at the moment is OGMobi (You can use this page to apply and get accepted faster.)

When registering through the link above, state that you’re going to be driving traffic through Instagram, and enter the link to your Instagram pages, you can choose the first option ($100-$1000) in the Monthly Revenue question since you don’t know exactly how much you’ll be making.

Using the link above to apply and entering the correct information will get you accepted much faster, so don’t leave anything out.

You’re half way to learning how to make money on Instagram, now let’s create a content locker!

How to Create a Mobile Content Locker

After you’ve been accepted to the CPA network above, log into the members section and select Incentive Tools -> Mobile Locker from the menu sidebar.

This will take you to the locker page where you can create a new mobile locker, which is essential to make money on Instagram.

Creating a Mobile Locker

You can specify a completion URL to send users to a specific page after they’ve downloaded an app. You can also specify the number of apps that have to be downloaded in order to unlock the content. There are a few themes and colors which you can change but I’ll leave those for you to experiment with.

Our Brand New Mobile Locker

Your content locker is done! Every time someone downloads an app from your locker, you’ll earn anywhere from $0.20 to $1.

All you need now is a landing page to promote. It’s highly recommended that you use a landing page instead of the direct link to your locker because this will result in more conversions and will keep your Instagram account from getting banned.

If you’re already familiar with content locking and have content to lock, you can go ahead and start promoting. If not, stay tuned in the next few days for part 2 of our How to Make Money on Instagram guide on the Ebrandz Blog, which will teach you how to create a landing page and lock it with your new content locker.

If you aren’t that creative and want to skip the landing page creation process, the awesome staff from OGMobi frequently give away free landing pages to it’s members, so apply to the network using this page, use correct information and ask nicely about landing pages, I’m sure they’ll help you out.