Facebook Auto Poster Benefits For Affiliate Marketing

Facebook Auto Poster click

Will a Facebook auto poster benefit the average affiliate marketer?

Process automation through a Facebook auto poster is one of the most important things that an affiliate marketer can implement into their business.

And if an affiliate marketer wants to run a massive advertising campaign on Facebook, without paying per click, then you will most certainly need a Facebook group poster like Ebrandz Dashboard to do the job.

A Facebook poster will streamline any affiliates marketing and advertising which could substantially improve the profitability of your business.

There are lots of Facebook auto posters out there but none can match the superior functionalities offered by Ebrandz Reviews, this is the best Facebook auto poster that you can use to post to Facebook groups.

A Closer Look at The Facebook Auto Poster

King Poster offers an unparalleled way of publishing status messages, links, images and even YouTube videos to unlimited Facebook Groups.

Here’s a few notable features that you can enjoy from the Ebrandz Facebook Auto Poster:

  • Configurable delay between consecutive posts
  • Schedule posts ahead of time, as far as six months from current date
  • Complete customization for posting links in pages and groups.
  • Change title, caption, message and other aspects of the link.
  • Compatible with latest Facebook API.
  • Supports automatically pausing user’s posting process for specified time, after a configurable number of posts.

If you’re dead set on improving your profitability and driving tons of traffic to your affiliate marketing offers, then you need to be more visible Facebook and you have to automate your advertising on Facebook.

Two important benefits affiliate marketers can get from a Facebook group auto poster:

Reduced Manpower Costs

Posting to multiple Facebook groups is not simple. If you are doing it manually, then your posting tasks will eat up a lot of your valuable time. To avoid this, the first thing that you might do is hire someone who will post the ads. And if you really want to reach the billion users of Facebook, then you will probably need multiple accounts, lots of groups and several assistants that will work daily just to post your ads.

This would be an expensive proposition for any affiliate because you have to pay those people who will post the ads. You can eliminate this problem and substantially reduce your expenses by using a Facebook group auto poster that can perform autoposting work.

More Visibility for Your Affiliate Offers

Manual posting of ads on Facebook groups is severely handicapped by the natural limitation of a human to post to Facebook in the quickest time possible. That is because a human poster will browse individual groups, maybe read other posts, then write the ad, and post it. This process of posting just a single ad can take as much 15 minutes.

But if you use a Facebook auto poster like Ebrandz, you will be able to saturate targeted Facebook groups in just a few clicks of the mouse. The entire process can be accomplished in a matter of seconds. So, just imagine the significant edge that you can have over other affiliate marketers if you can quickly post your ads to all or a selection of your Facebook groups. You can certainly dominate your market niche because your ads will become more visible.


Automating your Facebook advertising and marketing processes is probably the ultimate affiliate solution to improving your sales performance and increasing the profitability of your business.

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