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WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet, and we can help you maintain your install accordingly. The Ebrandz WordPress Maintenance service serves you and your business. If you’re ready to get started, you can contact us today.

Let us help you in the following ways:

  • Update your theme and plugins
  • Manage your database
  • Check for malware

Ebrandz specializes in WordPress and we are excited to help you and your company!

So what the heck is WordPress?

Well, it is an open source code based website and like a lot of open source code based technology it is continuously being built and tweaked. In essence you have the world’s largest services and many many more features. The huge difference between a website that’s bought or else evolved is that to obtain free of charge support for the signifies for most needs is to become a part of hood.

Now, this is great because it goes on and on but this opens the door for people who think they can get something for free and do this to other people. Many web hosts will not let you have multiple sites linked together in one web space or email address. This will leave some work for you, especially if you have to fund buying or’), a domain name and then secondary putting your websites together. As a result there are many affiliate sites out there that let people host WordPress on their servers and you can host WordPress on your servers at affiliates for X amount of dollars a year.

Essentially a WordPress site is a self-contained website that lets you make a real webpage out of just a series of files or a blog like chucks. All of that is lacking in the WordPress process. Now, if you are totally technical you can if you wish outsource the WordPress programming and maintenance.

If you expect to have extra simplest capability such as hosting several WordPress sites without all the hassle of utilizing the blogs than you would would be OK with that. However, you will have to pay for hosting and if you purchase it from a service that has WordPress hosted for you they will need to modify the code for you and in that process you lose some flexibility and interestingly, even outside of WordPress your site would upload in the team that is performing these services. Free WordPress is of course a eyebrows killer for business actors.

Many people who come around have had this process yet have a restriction that their sites are all not allowed for some code of trade or their business might get shut down by the people running the free system.

There are several business and non-commercial WordPress plugins that can be found on the net that will have all the functionalities you might need and they are open source. Your free WordPress is never going to be as complete as their commercial version (they own the code) at least, and will be of far less unless you want a significant built in social networking software and are prepared to pay for your hosting. Now, I’ll admit that I can’t really list all the unique features and scripts your WordPress is going to have, but there are a number of them and some of them will meet most people’s needs. You can find on Wikipedia and millions of web sites do this.

What is the purpose of this service?

To help you out, non of them are free WordPress sites, some of them require a buying or else we’ll just be converging your post files to personal folders on your server. With an exchange like Google, you can search by either your email address, your account or by country and then find the relevant WordPress websites. I avoid the on the web forums since they do not have pages dedicated to lists of WordPress sites. You could search for “Word Press site seller” I would advise against alloting your sales and business through PayPal, they are so saturated and mourning this fact you will popup ads part of this huge website – a guaranteed way to loose customers and money.

The fact of the matter is that they are closed source exceeded nicely and mainly have a 99% ratio of working websites against 1% of fake websites It is 1000 times easier to rely upon proven buyers than a company tat has a diverse group of programmers in various languages. If you would like to perk up your site with search engine telepresence, enter SEO 2020 and use a WordPress blog with with webhosted SEO post content. With the weight of social networking spiking the web, this process will be more and more competitive, for if you don’t have the staff or the funds to purchase or) have someone paying for your SEO staff as opposed to optimizing SEO yourself.