Keyword Research Services & Search Terms Analysis

Keyword research is the science of understanding what your prospective clients and audience search for. It’s about deducing the specific phrases used that best demonstrate intention to buy a product or service, or to search for a specific content on the web.

Keyword research is the first pillar to help you with search engine optimization activities, including:

  • Understand what your client are looking for
  • Master the client language
  • Identify key trends in your industry
  • Make sure you use the appropriate terms when translating a website or content
  • Increase your SEO and PPC performance by targeting relevant keywords
  • Key Deliverables of a Keyword Research
  • Thanks to a unique clustering algorithm, Ebrandz helps you discover and categorize search terms. What we will deliver to you:
  • A list of all the relevant keywords of your industry, with in-depth categorisation
  • The monthly search volumes for each term, for the last 24 months
  • Get relevant insights from the Keyword study : market trends, top brands, mobile search evolution…
  • Get insights into your competitors’ strategies
  • We also provide consulting services based on our experience in keyword research (international comparisons, content strategy, SEO optimisations…)

We provide Keyword Research Services in more than 20 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic.

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