eBrandz Analytics

Ebrandz Analytics

For those unfamiliar with Ebrandz Analytics, it’s not complicated. A few clicks and a search and you can tell if, for example, users to your page are spending a lot of time it, or if they are leaving as quickly as they came.

But what if you want to know what other things your visitors are doing? Are they looking at the products or information you’re selling, or are they spending time exploring other parts of your site’? If you have analytics, and you have your own website you can create reports based on any metric you want. But if you don’t have another website yet, you may wonder what other metrics you can create besides time. Luckily we’ve got a long list.

You can see activity reports of the most popular pages that users are visiting, and even click-through reports that tell you what pages you’re most popular. Google Analytics also constantly monitors referrals, which can be useful to you if you want to find out more about your users’ likes and dislikes. You can find out who is visiting your page, how long they are staying there, and what sort of activities they are performing. Then of course there’s common interest statistics, heat maps, and of course real time reports no on your analytics today.

So how do you get analytics if you don’t actually have a site? Sure, you can use services on the web, but these services are limited. Once you have an analytics account, you can have all of the features found in Google Analytics yourself and from your site.

How to Install Code

Just add an HTML code to your site, upload, and you have it up and running. Once you have the code installed, start using it. Remember that you’re constantly wanting to learn more about your visitors. Your reports can help you create new campaigns, target new campaigns, and save time and money from lower spending and extra optimization.

Reasons for the statistics

If a person is going to start spending more time with your site, there are some reasons they are going to start doing so. They may have found your site to be about something they are interested in, or they may have found you because of hoping to find your products and information. What could be giving them this Attention or Interest? You need to send everyone to the right page immediately.

Perhaps the last page that they went to was not relevant. Whatever the case may be, prevent those people from going to those pages more than twice. Do you want to provide up to date information about your site? Google Analytics will let you know. You can always convince someone to click on your site, but you can never convince them to spend additional time on it. Combine the power of Google Analytics through native statistics with our free after-sales reports to further show your visitor’s true nature. In the end, your visitors visit your business.

Web Analytic services are great to pair with other digital marketing services, including, affiliate marketing, SEO, PPC and SMO. We urge you to contact us if we can assist you!