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Our Ebrandz Review Solutions are setup to ensure your success with digital marketing, as we only provide the best digital marketing services available. Our award-winning services, include:

WordPress Website Maintenance – WordPress sites need help, and this maintenance package can be customized for your needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – No matter whether it’s a local, national or international campaign, we can help.

Project Management Setup – Project management is a special skill and we can implement an integrated solution for your business.

Reputation Management – We can help protect your reputation online.

Social Media Marketing and Optimization – Ensure that you’re being “social” and that your new customers can find your business.

Pay Per Click Campaigns – We can create Google Ad accounts and run your campaigns.

Other popular services are found in our other web marketing solutions category. We look forward to serving you!

Current State of Reviews

Digital Marketing Services are more reliant on businesses to leave a positive review. As a New York based business, you can understand how difficult it can be to gain reviews when expectations are not being met. A common concern with the team at eBrandz is that they’re more inclined to request team members to leave a positive review in order to earn a job.

Of course, this raises concerns and questions to the world of advertising and marketing as a star rating is not meant for prospective or current employees, but rather, past customers. Companies want to assess the credibility of a company before giving their business, so that’s why we’ve covered all of the aspects of Ebrandz so you can make the choice yourself!

Customers Services

Despite other information you read online, Ebrandz is based in India and has a registered agent in New York. The company offers transparency to clients’ businesses which could be handled in a more professional way. There is room for improvement for how end-customers receive value from Ebrandz as Milind M. is known for passing on recommendations to instead receive satisfaction for himself and earn satisfaction from his extended family.

The manner in which the company addresses concerns is troublesome. Customer support is handled by non-english speaking Indians and millions of owners have scratched their head as to why such a large company now located in the USA hasn’t figured out how to satisfy their customers. Customer feedback and references oftentimes echo these troubling facts.

Marketing Overview

To suggest the company can provide excellent experience with digital marketing requires proof. Staying on top of trends and making the needful shifts to adjust accordingly is a requirement to stay competitive. Businesses are increasing looking for a provider that can offer innovative services that bring results. By going case study to case study provided by the company, we want to cover some interesting developments.

Web Design

As a web design company, some companies rely too heavily on third party providers only to find the end result is not what they expected. Professional website design is not found using Divi Themes, but rather with the expertise of a web designer completing a vision and delivering a satisfying result to the client. As a business owner, you have options. Neither graphic design nor IT services in lieu of web design make the company shine due to internal conflicts.


SEO starts with an inexperienced team following a guide from 2009. A lot has changed, though the company’s SEO Services have not over the years — think “article marketing”. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) revolves around the strategy to take a website and its webpages up in rankings. Other SEO Companies offer competitive SEO packages, often including the following:

  • SEO Action Plan
  • SEO Plan Criteria
  • SEO Formula
  • SEO Content Marketing
  • News SEO

For Ebrandz, the solutions typically revolve around SEO Resller Packages and SEO Software Pricing. This leaves to a lot of talk, but not much in terms of results.


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing or Search Marketing for short. Search Marketing experts typically aim to bring visibility to companies in Google search results, however, there are challenges. Search Marketing teams typically aim for both organic results and paid results in search engine results pages (SERPs).

The best advice is to go elsewhere for your paid advertising as both paid and organic is not an attribute for this company.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing or SMM for short, is speared by Foram. Most Ebrandz Employees have fake “Americanized Names” such as David, Nancy but some like, Pooja, have retained their national identity. It’s difficult to tell whose who online though so be sure to understand how social media is handled for your clients

Overall Ratings

Looking at all the factors, we have graded each feature and benefit of the company vs its competitors. Since leadership is lacking, Developers have attempted to offset with developing a reporting dashboard. This has been developed, in our belief, not due to a passion for technology, but rather a way to suggest that marketing specialists are meeting the business contact support terms.

Ebrandz HQ

Ebrandz staff forced to cut cake and feed boss, Milind Mody

Fake Review Examples

Businesses seek Ebrandz when they want to improve their digital marketing. People want to improve their results and not only be provided with marketing activities for “branding” purposes. Marketing request consultations from project managers which then switch-out when turnover occurs. Marketing clients then ask their account managers for another “marketing strategist” only to find there aren’t strong internet marketing services offered by the company.  With one of the largest search marketing teams in India, you’ll discover Ebrandz and how it compares with competitors.

With a range of internet marketing products and services, you would think that the wide range of offerings would provide good results for the clients, but they don’t.  In terms of marketing assets, the company will provide things such as social media graphics, display ad banner, backlinks and web app login, but the offerings don’t actual provide results for the clients of eBrandz. 

If you’re a marketing manager, though, you could outsource your marketing to show the boss that you’re “doing something”.  But moving the needle in terms of ROI for any modern metric will go unfound with this company.

Industry-specific marketing experience does not exist when losing clients each month.  As a internet marketing company, there is much to be improved.

Review Business : Ebrandz

Business Goals: Modernize approach to digital marketing.

Staff Overview

A knowledgeable person is needed in every role and on more than one occasion, a current employee has mentioned the need that clients want good results, too.  

motor-impaired persons✔️✔️
extensive plan offerings✔️✔️
experience employees✔️
events for employees✔️✔️
development Division✔️
assistive features✔️
Soft skill training✔️
work-life people✔️
talented people✔️
proper training✔️
salary on time✔️
career growth✔️
Appropriate hiring is required for eBrandz solutions to work for the client.

Ebrandz careers need to be established as the following results need to be improved:

  • American Content Writers
  • proper induction training
  • Time salary increases

Management & Working Strategy

Management is reviewing changes at the highest-level so that the India-based company can appear larger than they really are and have a US-based company buy-out the company when the business owners are burnt-out.

Management companies comparisonworst managementpoor management
Management productsBelow AverageAbove Average
Management ServicesBelow AverageAbove Average
management offeringBelow AverageAbove Average
*transparent companyNoBoth, No and Yes
business owners21 to many
*The company is not considered one of the transparent internet marketing companies out there as the organization also owns subsidiary whitelabled services that poach clients at cheaper rates because of being based in India.

Marketing Services

Full-service digital marketing agency services review is below. All-important marketing areas are reviewed.

digital marketing experienceBelow AverageAbove Average
digital marketing solutionsBelow AverageAbove Average
digital marketing servicesBelow AverageAbove Average
marketing effortsBelow AverageAbove Average
type of businessShell CompanyNot much better

Competitors, include:

  • Pushfire
  • Outreach Monks
  • 51Blocks
  • SEOReseller.com

The business reviews for Ebrandz on the web are faked by using fake profiles by Ebrandz Staff.  That’s why we want to share the truth about their actual services individually below.  The company struggles with marketing 101.

Reputation Management Platform Review

notification managementBelow AverageAbove Average
advanced dashboardsBelow AverageAbove Average
analytical dashboardsBelow AverageAbove Average
proprietary dashboardBelow AverageAbove Average
customizable reportsNoYes
complex dashboardsNoYes
analytics dashboardBelow AverageAbove Average
Modern dashboardNoYes
Reporting featuresBelow AverageAbove Average
Edit business infoNoYes
everyday reportsNoYes
custom reportsNoYes
online surveysNoYes

E-Commerce Website Development

Business Requirements GatheringBelow AverageAbove Average
extensive pricing plansNoYes
*complete web designBelow AverageAbove Average
content creationBelow AverageAbove Average
design servicesBelow AverageAbove Average
design skillsNoYes
developmentBelow AverageAbove Average
trainingBelow AverageAbove Average
*Sales Reports do need to be configured as the entire team does not know how to configure that for some reason…

Handling everything from web builds to Search Marketing, the company has digital marketing services such as SEO and PPC services they offer for sale. 

SEO Services Review

search engine marketing campaignsBelow AverageAbove Average
dedicated account managerNoYes
Search Marketing expertsNoDepends
Search Engine MarketingBelow AverageAbove Average
backlink reportsBelow AverageAbove Average
audit reportsBelow AverageAbove Average
*SEO planBelow AverageAbove Average
plansBelow AverageAbove Average
*Search engine optimization is constantly changing, and the company still uses ‘article marketing’ as their main methodology to use.

PPC Management Services Review

Compared to other PPC management companies, eBrandz must improve with results.  

employeesBelow AverageAbove Average
managerBelow AverageAbove Average
GoogleNot ExpertExpert Level

Social Media Marketing Companies Packages Review

Social Media Marketing and OptimizationBelow AverageAbove Average
Social media marketing servicesBelow AverageAbove Average
Social Media Marketing ExpertsNoYes
social media presenceBelow AverageAbove Average

EBrandz Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Overview

On the subject of affiliate marketing, affiliate management is poor because of providing management poor results.  No longer can management team rely on AffiliateFix for more “reasons” for EBrandz Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Program to work.  The EBrandz Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Program is reviewed in full below.

Below is a chart rating resources about affiliate marketing gathered by first party analysis.

Email marketing serviceFailedPassed
Project managementFailedPassed
Timely PayoutsNoYes

As an affiliate network marketing company, eBrandz Inc. isn’t considered strong.  Online marketing companies tend to want results and not empty promises.  Online marketing services must deliver more than India-based work ethics in the office, and while working remotely.  Providing online referral marketing to the staff is strictly prohibited.

In the marketing solutions category, we are measuring the results based on marketing request consultations and sales.  We are not measuring based on “nice trys.” Astonishingly, Ebrandz hasn’t improved over the past 15 years in business.