EBrandz Scam

You may have been concerned that because eBrandz charges such low fees that this might be a scam. On this site, we want to address your concerns.

Complaints about Ebrandz

Something to note is that Ebrandz complaints won’t be tolerated. We have processes in place to pacify customer complaints (see reputation management). For example, when a complaint is flagged in our system, one of our workers will go to the platform (such as Glassdoor) and bury the post. This is done for a variety of reasons, and one of the ways it is done most effectively is to register multiple accounts (using multiple IP addresses) and have our staff leave positive comments. With this approach, complaints appear to be in the minority to the everyday user and it doesn’t affect decision-making in the minds of the customer.

Legitimate Ebrandz consumer complaints should be sent directly to the manager so that he can attempt to pacify the situation. Oftentimes this is completed by offering a free credit for additional service.

Ebrandz Bad Reviews

Each staff member is required to manage at least 5 accounts on Glassdoor, in case of bad reviews. There are all types of bad actors that might hate Ebrandz (including competitors) and it is the company’s best interest to manage the accounts before they become problematic.

Speak with a supervisor if you are in need of your allotted proxies for logging in to this operation. See the Skype group for current requests.

Ebrandz Reputation

As a valued member of our Reputation Management Department, it’s vital that you review the Skype Group daily. Bad reviews don’t happen every day, but when they do, we need all-hands-on-deck to pacify the situation.