Don’t let them slip away – Conversion Rate Optimization

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Many companies spend millions of dollars each year to increase their website traffic, yet many of those website visitors simply arrive and disappear, costing these companies thousands every year in lost sales. They are missing the most crucial piece of the inbound marketing process: converting website visitors into leads. Make sure that doesn’t happen to your company. We engage with companies to increase their conversions through the following:


During analysis of your business, we pinpoint your target visitor, and build out persona profiles based on your average buyer. All offers and landing pages are then focused on one of the several personas described. By targeting each offer to the proper prospect build out effective conversion points — both landing pages and calls to action — for all pieces of content on your website. Each landing page is paired with beautiful and attention-getting calls-to-action, paired up and placed with each major piece of content on your site. When your call-to-action matches your offer, which in turn matches its associated site content, your conversions boost substantially.


Producing and sharing premium, informative content such as e-books, white papers, how-to guides, and webinars, is crucial for capturing the attention of top-of-the-funnel leads: those visitors that are interested but aren’t yet ready to talk to sales. Knowing your audience allows us to determine the best format to deliver content to your prospects. We construct the content and utilize your authority knowledge to deliver educational pieces of premium content that deliver value to your visitors and entice more visitors to convert to leads.


If you’re not running effective, well-tracked analytics to measure success and ROI, you’re doing your marketing blind. We set up robust and accurate analytics tracking on all client accounts to be able to accurately track visitor traffic and conversion data across all the different content pieces and conversion points on your website. This information allows us to assess ROI, identify areas of strength and weakness, and optimize to improve results.

It’s time to start getting results from your website traffic with PPC. Contact us to receive an analysis of your current site and to learn how our conversion kit can increase your bottom line.