Article Marketing: Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

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A common question from people looking to be affiliate marketers is ‘can you do affiliate marketing without a website?’ Of course, social media makes this possible but lacks the opportunity to create in-depth quality content which visitors usually require when making a decision to buy.

You therefore look to article marketing; submitting your content to article directories to which you can link from your social channels.

But, there’s a problem…

The use of article directories for marketing has a bad reputation these days, and this is for good reason. As is the case with so many practices within our industry, the method has been abused over the years. Article directories were simply packed with duplicate content of little value to anyone.

The quality of the copy itself is, of course, one aspect of content which is scrutinized. Only those written in understandable English which reads well will be accepted. Spelling and grammar of course fall under this category. Authors should spell-check their work and those who feel that their grasp of English grammar is not up to scratch should consider getting it proofread by someone whose is.

The formatting of the text is also important. Submit a huge block of text with few or no paragraph breaks and you can guarantee it won’t make its way onto the site. You should be creating an article of at least 700 words split into paragraphs which are usually no more than 5 lines long.

With these strict quality guidelines, any submitted which are not unique will be dismissed. As previously mentioned, article directories are rife with duplicate content, a key factor to their demise.

This now makes it possible to do affiliate marketing without a website, with high-quality content which really adds value for the reader. It’s important though that this content is not too overly promotional. It should be helpful and informative, not ‘salesy’ and forceful.

We expect authors to share the content on social platforms, not a simple post on your personal page, but you should be building your identity as an authority writer in your chosen field.

You should also be building links to your articles, as you would if it were your own site. Links remain a relatively important ranking factor and an important part of any affiliate’s task list.

Though this method of affiliate marketing without a website allows you to cut certain corners (eg building a site, paying for domains and hosting etc), it does not mean any less work with regards to content. You need to take a similar approach to it as you would if it were your site to which you were uploading these articles.

As an author you will be able to access this from your article and so see what else you have posted. This means that regular posting is important, as it would be with your own site.

Your articles should be predominantly generic (not promotional, no affiliate link) with the more occasional review or product recommendation. Your content will be more trusted this way and so result in more conversions.

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