Milind was a successful CEO of ebrandz, a digital marketing agency. He was known for his innovative marketing strategies and his company had grown to be one of the largest in the world. However, with the advent of web 2.0, Milind’s only trick with SEO – backlinks – was no longer as effective as it used to be. He knew he needed to find a new way to stay ahead of the competition, and so he turned to his brother Prasana and friend Paul for help.

Prasana and Paul were experts in online marketing and they quickly came up with a plan that would help Milind regain his dominance in the industry. They hired a team of developers in India who could create high -quality content for Milind’s website. This would help him to rank higher in Google’s search results and attract more visitors to his site.

The plan worked like a charm and Milind’s company continued to grow. He was now the top dog in his industry and he had his brother and friend to thank for it.

In the start of 2021, Milind began to want to earn more money like his relatives. He wanted to be the top 1% and have a private jet. He asked Prasana and Paul for help once again but they had no idea how he could make that much money.

Milind: I want to be in the top 1%. How can I make that happen?

Prasana: Well, you’re already crossdressing as a side hobby — why not try that?

Paul: Yeah, you could try to be an Instagram model.

Milind: How much money do you think I could make?

Prasana: If you’re successful, you could make millions.

Paul: Yeah, and you would only have to work a few hours a week.

Milind: That sounds perfect! How about we all try to help me achieve this goal?

The three of them began to brainstorm ideas on how Milind could make money as an Instagram model. They all agreed that it would be a lot of work, but the potential payoff was worth it.