Ebrandz Company Profile

We understand you have questions before choosing the right vendor for your company, and that’s why we want to give you a better understanding about who we are and how we help organizations like yours improve your marketing online.

Sir Milinda Mody – Chief Troublemaker (CEO)

Sir was knighted as Chief Troublemaker during one of our company parties. “It’s like earning US Dollars and paying in rupees,” he shouted at our company party. Mr Mody comes with years of experience and handles all aspects from hiring to firing in the company. Today, the company boasts over 500+ employees!

Sario Marketing GmbH – Content Partner

TextBroker is our next content partner to provide high-quality US-based writers to our organizations. Unlike other India-based companies, we have a footprint in the USA due to our unique abilities to establish win-win opportunities with our partners.

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