Milinda Mody answers your questions: how good is Ebrandz?

Ebrandz Story

From our humble beginnings, Sir Milinda Mody began ranking websites on accident as he tried to redirect a website to another. “It was incredible,” he said, “we found out that we could provide a useful service by 301-redirects and hire our staff from India on a project-basis.” From our start, we quickly grew EBrandz Reviews and began teaching our new staff how to do SEO and PPC marketing.

By 2012, we decided to double-down our efforts of worldwide expansion and began recruiting people from Fiverr. Though our “headquarters” is located in India, we serve worldwide with digital marketing services.

Ebrandz Review History

As we’re beginning to work with more white label companies and are inspired by companies like Alpha SEO on Vendasta and BrightLocal, we want to show you our results for the public to see how Ebrandz Reviews operate.

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The Ebrandz Company

The Ebrandz Company is always growing and we invite you to join us during the next steps in our evolving digital marketing practices. Learn more about our achievements and awards by understanding more about our awesome company!

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Ebrandz Company Profile

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