7 proven copywriting tips to boost website conversions

seo copywriting to turn blog into profit

When you are with a customer over the phone, you sound confident, genuine and helpful. How will you portray the same tone while writing website copy?

A great copy plays as a differentiator between a website that witnesses huge conversions and the one which falls flat, fails to engage with the customers.

An effective sales copy tells the readers about the problems more precisely the pain points and at the end offers a solution to heal that. Mastering the art of excellent copy writing for websites is not so tough. Here are the 7 steps to write a copy that actually converts.

The basics first:

  1. Understand your product first and define your positioning
    Before writing a website copy, understand the product first and decide how you want to position it. You should have a clear vision of what exactly you are offering to your customers. In your copy, both should be reflected.

For example, if you are writing copy for men’s apparel more specifically for jeans, then along with the specific features, don’t forget to mention the experience like how comfortable it is, feel of the fabric etc.

  1. Know your target audience and their pain points
    The 2nd step in copywriting for websites would be identifying your target audience and their specific pain points. So, firstly target the segment of the people you want to reach and understand their issues. Based on it you will write the copy which will be a combination of first mentioning the problems and then describing how your product or services can solve those issues making their lives better.
  1. Study your competitors and understand their weaknesses
    To improve your copywriting skills, you need to understand what makes your product or service different from the competitors, i.e. USPs (Unique Value Propositions). Once you understand the weaknesses of your competitors, make sure to convey the same to your customers, I mean why to buy from you and not from others. Trust me, this will help you to convey the USPs through the copy in a better way.

Next, work on the structure of your copy!

  1. Convey your key selling points first
    Through your copy, basically you need to build up a situation. First mention what problems your customers are having and let them know that you have the solution. Through the copy, describe the key selling points in such a way that they actually are convinced with the idea that you have a complete understanding of what they are going through.
  1. Develop an emotional connect
    Next, develop an emotion which will work as a powerful motivator. People don’t buy features, they buy benefits. So convey the benefits of your product in the best possible way.

Through the storytelling, make them imagine a life without that problem. Positive emotions are usually preferable, but the negative ones like the fear of experiencing something bad many times work.

  1. Now present the solution
    If you can follow the above points properly by now the customers should be very much interested and keen to know what’s coming next. Now, this is the best time to reveal your product as the solution to their problem. Describe properly, how the product will make their lives better.
  2. Finally, add the Call To Action (CTA)
    Now this will be the final step where you would ask the potential customers to buy from you and here you should not be shy to ask for the sale. Clearly mention the next step to get that product. Always create a sense of urgency. This is the best place to place the orders and deals. Add CTA buttons with proper wordings like ‘Buy Now’, ‘Get It Today’ or ‘Signup Now’. Make sure that all of the links are working properly.

Some more copywriting tips:

  • The copy should be concise
  • Proofreading is a must
  • Every copy should be created with a single objective
  • Maintain a conversational tone
  • Avoid jargons
  • Copy should be simple with a clear message

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